Published in the Healthcare Design’s 2010 Architectural and Interior Design Showcase

Eisenhower Medical Center’s Greg and Stacey Renker Pavilion was selected by a jury of architects, designers, researchers, and facility-based experts for inclusion as a featured new construction project in Healthcare Design’s 10th annual Architectural and Interior Design showcase. The showcase presents  inspiring recent healthcare designs from across the country and abroad. Moon Mayoras designed the new 75,700-square-foot inpatient care unit facility in Rancho Mirage, California, which was completed in April 2009. The publication text for the project reads as follows:

The Emergency Department Expansion and Greg & Stacy Renker Patient Pavilion at Eisenhower Medical Center (EMC) exemplify a commitment to provide physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of health and healing in support of clinical excellence in patient care. EMC serves a series of desert communities in the Coachella Valley with over 350,000 permanent residents. As a resort destination, the area hosts thousands of visitors during its peak season from October through April. This results in an annual seasonal fluctuation so significant that a need for rapid scalability in accommodating patient volumes is a recurring theme throughout the entire facility.

The Emergency Department/Renker Pavilion project was intended to achieve two objectives: renovate and expand the outdated and overcrowded Emergency Department (ED), and create a dedicated inpatient care unit to serve a unique population of patients requiring a high degree of privacy and support services. The renovated ED occupies and expands the lower level of the east wing of the hospital, and the new Renker Pavilion is located directly above.

During the ED renovation/expansion project, outdated and undersized ED positions were replaced with large, state-of-the-art ED beds. Workspaces were expanded, bedside registration capabilities were created, and separate public and private circulation systems were developed. Imaging capabilities in the ED were enhanced by the addition of a MRI scanner.

To accommodate peak demand, the new 42-bed ED was designed to be immediately scalable. An innovative cluster bed concept allows the hospital to maintain its routine use of Emergency positions while allowing for easy transition from Acute Emergent to Urgent and Fast-Track care. Each treatment cluster consists of four treatment rooms and an adjoining patient toilet room.

The project doubled the size of the ED through 32,000 square feet of remodeled ED space plus 13,700 square feet of new construction. The interiors feature pleasing colors and textures to enhance the therapeutic healing environment. A dedicated Triage Lounge provides a discreet waiting area for those patients who have already been triaged and are awaiting further disposition.

The new Renker Pavilion is specially designed to provide care for individuals for whom privacy requirements represent a major element of their healing process. The Coachella Valley is regularly frequented by prominent public figures, celebrities and other highly visible individuals, often accompanied by their own staff and service personnel. Although designed with considerations for that population, the Renker Pavilion is available to anyone who wishes to have their hospital stay in a private setting.

The Renker Pavilion provides 15 Patient Suites containing a patient room and a large guest room to allow additional family members/guests to stay overnight. Both rooms have separate toilet facilities. Nine standard rooms are available for patients not requiring additional guest capabilities. Two of these rooms are negative pressure/isolation rooms with anterooms.

The Family Lounge allows family members and guests to leave the patient’s room for various periods of time. Also located in the Pavilion is a Guest Business Center designed to allow patients and guests to conduct business and “stay in touch” while at the hospital. Patients and guests can utilize the Pavilion’s Library for health education and respite.

The gourmet kitchen is staffed with a chef who provides culinary services for the unit. A Private Dining Room allows patients, families and guests to dine directly on the unit. Advanced technology links patient rooms to food service so that patients are able to make dining selections just prior to meal times from restaurant-style menus. An appealing Lounge/Meditation Room is provided in support of the healing therapeutic environment. The Renker Pavilion has ready access to ancillary/diagnostic treatment services and to the ED expansion via a dedicated elevator. Each patient room is fully equipped with technologically advanced patient interface systems and will be supported by computerized automated supply and medication dispensing units.

To read more about the project, click here.

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