The Walter and Leonore Annenberg Pavilion

Eisenhower Medical Center is located in the heart of the Coachella Valley, a series of desert communities that are home to more than 350,000 residents. Designed by Moon Mayoras, the five-story Walter and Leonore Annenberg Pavilion is a 251,260-square-foot inpatient care unit that provides 160 new private medical/surgical/telemetry and critical care beds to this growing community and establishes Eisenhower Medical Center as the major medical center in the region.

The Coachella Valley experiences a large seasonal fluctuation, which has historically resulted in the need for nearly 100 additional beds to handle a sharp increase in demand from October through April. Severe local zoning restrictions, budgetary constraints, and operational issues have historically precluded the ability to accommodate this peak in demand. The new Annenberg Pavilion was designed to address the surge in seasonal capacity by providing 88 additional expansion beds, as necessary, for a total of 248 new beds on the Eisenhower Medical Center campus.

The Annenberg Pavilion blends soft, humane interiors with the architectural design to create a therapeutic, healing environment. Welcoming patient rooms provide a luxurious surrounding for the patient and family while facilitating patient care. Amenities include family and visitor areas, window-beds for overnight stays by family and guests, and hotel-like suites. Nature permeates the Pavilion through large windows that filter warm, natural light; water structures in the first floor lobby trickling soothing streams; and a courtyard healing garden that fosters healing, peace, and serenity.


Rancho Mirage, California

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