Tennity Emergency Department

Designed by Moon Mayoras, the Tennity Emergency Department (ED) replaces Eisenhower Medical Center’s (EMC) outdated and undersized ED with new, state-of-the-art ED beds, expanded workspaces, bedside registration capabilities, and functional separation of public and private circulation systems.  The Tennity ED, including the phased remodel of approximately 32,000 square-feet of existing space and construction of a 13,700-square-foot expansion, effectively doubles the capacity of EMC’s existing emergency service.

Moon Mayoras designed the new 42-position ED expansion to be immediately scalable by employing an innovative cluster bed concept that allows the hospital to maintain its routine use of emergency positions, while allowing for easy transition from acute/emergent to urgent and fast-track care. Each cluster consists of four treatment rooms and an adjoining patient toilet room. A dedicated triage lounge provides a discreet waiting area for those patients who have already been triaged and are awaiting further disposition.

The new ED is equipped with dedicated digital imaging capabilities and the new space accommodates a digital radiographic unit, a CT scanner, and an MRI. Moon Mayoras incorporated soft, humane interiors into the architectural design to create a therapeutic healing environment in a setting traditionally found to be stressful on both patients and their families.


Rancho Mirage, California

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