Scripps Health Hillcrest Clinic (4020)

Designed as medical office space in 1973, the four-story building across the street from the ScrippsHealth Mercy Hospital was later purchased by the Scripps Health Mercy Hospital as an outpatient clinic for specialty services, including general radiology, optometry, and dental services. Moon Mayoras renovated the building to house registration at grade level and adult outpatient services on the third floor. The fourth floor was dedicated to pediatric and obstetrical services. 

Moon Mayoras customized each waiting room to compliment its associated service.  The pediatric waiting room was designed with a circular playroom in the center, an aquarium, and a “kinetic” sculpture.  The adult outpatient waiting room reflected a more subdued environment with deeper color tones and seating arranges to promote a more quiet setting.

The entire exterior skin of the facility was renovated with bold colors, accent tile, a dynamic metal canopy trim at the entry, and a grown sculpture on the elevator tower.  Moon Mayoras developed the hospital’s new image is to blend in with the surrounding upscale Hillcrest community.  The design provides a visual connection between the Hillcrest neighborhood and Scripps Health Mercy Hospital.


San Diego, California

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