Pomerado Hospital Emergency Expansion

Pomerado Hospital’s previous physical plant operated the Emergency Department, Urgent Care, and Observation Unit independently of one another, which created inefficiencies through separation of service lines that impacted patient type, service, and location.

To overcome this challenge, Moon Mayoras designed the hospital’s new emergency department to integrate the three distinct service lines with individual nurse stations and shared support from a central core (i.e. meds, dictation). The new emergency department features distinct components within a common area, allowing patients from each service to flow directly to and from the hospital independently, without requiring patients to travel through the adjacent service departments, thus reducing hallway traffic and noise.

The 9,500-square-foot expansion, which abuts the existing facility, includes 12 emergency bays, five observation positions, and four urgent care spaces. Two distinct entrances allow for separate entry for ambulatory patients and emergency (ambulance) patients.


Poway, California

Square Footage

new: 5,300 | renovation: 4,300

Construction Cost


Project Year