Eisenhower Medical Center, Voluntary Seismic Improvements

California Senate Bill 1953 (SB1953) mandates that all general acute care hospitals in California must meet stringent seismic requirements by in order to remain operational until January 1, 2030 and beyond.

Eisenhower Medical Center first opened its doors in November of 1971. Now known as the Ike Wing, the original hospital building is an icon in mid-century modern architecture, and serves as the main entry to the Eisenhower Medical Center campus. Constructed almost 50 years ago, the Ike Wing required major structural seismic upgrades in order to remain operational in accordance with the mandated SB1953 deadline.

Moon Mayoras Architects, Inc. provided design services for the voluntary seismic improvements (VSI) to the IKE Wing. These structural upgrades tie three existing separate building structural systems into single-acting structural system by utilizing steel drag plates and fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) to provide shear transfer along the joints to strengthen the building’s seismicity.

The voluntary seismic improvements required coordination and partial removal and reinstallation of fire rated and non–fire rated barriers, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems to allow for access to the concrete deck. A four-phase plan ascending vertically through the building’s four levels was carefully developed to allow for temporary egress and partial removal of building systems in order to minimize the impact to hospital operations during construction.



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