Dolores Hope Outpatient Center - OP Surgery/Endoscopy/Clinical Lab

The Dolores Hope Outpatient Center project was comprised of a series of remodel/renovation projects that impacted all four levels of the building, each to varying degrees. The impetus for the project was the addition of two operating rooms to the existing outpatient surgery unit located on the 2nd level, which necessitated the relocation of the Endoscopy Department. Endoscopy was moved to the lower level space that formally housed the therapy pool, and a new therapy pool was designed in an addition to the facility. The project also included renovation of all of the public spaces, including the elevator lobbies. Moon Mayoras' design scope included the following modifications:

Lower Level
The new Endoscopy Department required a 10,370-square-foot renovation to house four new endoscopy treatment rooms, eight recovery bays, three pre-procedure rooms, and associated support areas. The space also included two nurse stations, one for pre-procedure/treatment areas and one for the recovery area; both are visible to the other. The existing imaging department, located on the remainder of the lower level, remained as is.

First Level
Moon Mayoras redesigned registration and blood draw space to provide two additional registration booths and increase the size of the blood draw stations to house seven stations and a VIP draw area. The design scope included remodel of the existing vestibule to allow for additional waiting space, which was accomplished by the construction of a new vestibule and drop off canopy. The first level included renovation of 5,640 square-feet. A new therapy pool was designed in a 750-square-foot addition to the southeast corner of the building, which also houses change room with shower and a rest room. The remaining areas of the first floor, which primarily house physical therapy spaces,  remained untouched.

Second Level
Moon Mayoras renovated 7,000 square-feet of the second level to expand the space allocated for outpatient surgery. Two new 500-square-foot operating rooms (OR) were placed in space previously occupied by preoperative (Pre-op) and postanesthesia care unit (PACU) beds, bringing the total to six ORs. The new Pre-op/PACU area is comprised of 18 beds and a two-position stage 2 recovery. This space includes a central nurse’s station and all new support areas. The remainder of the floor remained as is with the exception of additional space for central sterile storage.

Third Level
Primarily occupied by the clinical laboratory, the third level renovation was driven by a need for more efficient work floor patterns and improved staff safety. New modular casework was the main component of this 10,450-square-foot renovation.


Rancho Mirage, California

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  • Healthy Living Magazine (2011)