MMA Contributes to AIA Publication – The Fourth Factor

aia-bookMoon Mayoras Architects, Inc. is recognized in the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health, published in early 2007, for its contribution to the writing of John Michael Currie’s book, The Fourth Factor: A Historical Perspective on Architecture and Medicine. Marking the birth of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 150 years earlier, this 192-page production is the Academy’s gift to the profession and to the greater healthcare community, as an extension of the AIA150 celebration. Currie writes that, “Architects and healthcare professionals have a proud history together, and we celebrate the results of that history in this sesquicentennial year of the AIA.” The Fourth Factor takes a detailed look at the history of healthcare architecture. According to Currie, “This book is about the procession of ideas and actions that have created an enduring relationship between healers and designers, between architecture and medicine. This relationship has not always been recognized. The words of Hippocrates of Kos that gave me the idea for the title of this book show us that ancient healers did not always fully appreciate the importance of the settings in which healing took place.”

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