Firm Overview

Moon Mayoras Architects, Inc. specializes in functional, elegant, and caring architecture for health. We were founded on a vision to re-shape the healthcare experience from a traditionally loud, maze-like, and sterile smelling institution into a soothing and secure environment that fosters comfort and promotes healing through intelligent design.

Services-Graphic157Our principals were among the pioneers in the creation of healing, therapeutic environments, where the architecture of a hospital itself enhances the healing process. Through the use of evidence-based strategies, our designs can help improve a patient’s well-being and eliminate environmental stresses that can impede the healing process. We strive to design medical facilities that provide patients, their families, and the hospital staff a sense of familiarity and control, essential elements to a therapeutic environment.

We advocate for the integration of sustainable design where possible in a building that requires the consumption of large quantities of energy around the clock to keep patients alive. Moon Mayoras was one of the first architecture firms in the country to implement the Green Guide for Healthcare into a medical facility, and we continue to identify new and innovative ways to incorporate green principles into our healthcare designs.

HOW WE DO IT…ListenSynthesizeDeliverFINAL
When it comes to hospitals, one size does not fit all. So, how do we customize our designs to fit the unique needs, budgets, and schedules of our clients? We listen. Our project staff interacts with patients, caregivers, administrators, and the neighboring public, asking probing questions about their relation to the hospital, experiences, likes, aversions, requirements, desires, and suggestions. From these interviews, we integrate the various and sometimes divergent perspectives from both within the hospital and in the surrounding community into alternatives and design approaches. This culminates in a design that optimizes stakeholder concerns and ultimately becomes a realization of their collective vision.

Our designs are led by at least one of the firm’s project principals, which affords our clients direct contact to executive leadership. By assigning a dedicated principal to every project, we demonstrate continuity and reliability, establish trust, and strengthen client relationships. This leadership strategy also affords Moon Mayoras the ability to control and assign resources and expertise to respond immediately to varying project needs through different phases of design and construction, providing our clients with more efficient project delivery.